Barbados Vacation Spots
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Barbados Vacation Spots

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A Barbados Vacation is an exciting thought. There is a huge range of accommodation on Barbados from self catering throught to the very top end resorts.

The aim of this website is to help you choose your accommodation for your Barbados vacation, and almost every page is devoted to descriptions of every type of accommodation you might wish to consider from a rental apartment to a five star resort. Click on the links on the left to be taken to the accommodation description


The Treasure Beach Hotel has been voted the Best small romantic luxury hotel of the year by a top Caribbeantreasure beach magazine. This small exclusive boutique hotel is definitely for couples young or old, and would be a great spot for a honeymoon. Any Treasure beach Barbados review will tell you there are a very large number of returning guests, indicating high customer satisfaction. ....READ MORE


Coral Mist Beach Hotel: Inexpensive Beachfront Barbados Accommodationcoral mist beach hotel 


Looking for some inexpensive Barbados Accommodation, Looking for a Great Family Vacation, Looking for a beachfront vacation, then look no further than here...... MORE 



Colony Club for a Beachfront Hotel Honeymoon vacation in Barbados

colony clubThis beachfront hotel in Barbados is very suitable as a romantic wedding destination, for a honeymoon vacation, but also a wedding anniversary idea, and it’s called The Colony ClubPeople choose a beachfront hotel in Barbados for many reasons. One of the first may be for a beach Honeymoon vacation destination. Another may see it as a ......MORE


The Butterfly Beach Hotel An Affordable Oceanfront Self Catering Holiday in Christ Church Barbados

If you want to go self catering with the facilities of a hotel try the oceanfront Butterfly Beach Hotel in Christ Church Barbados.butterfly beach hotel

A self catering holiday within a hotel environment has to be potentially the best of both worlds. The freedom of self catering, and the facilities of what will normally be an affordable hotel. More

The Mango Bay Resort
Barbados is a great place to take an All Inclusive Family Vacation, and the Mango Bay Resort could well be your holiday destination this bay resortIt has been rated in the top three most popular Hotel in Barbados, and it is a 64 room oceanfront hotel in lush tropical gardens on the popular west coast of Barbados only fourteen miles from the airport, and eight miles from town. More



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